Site Update, Requests CLOSED

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hello! I have decided to close the graphic and review request since we're not active and I have too much to do to update this site. I don't even know who and who are active. So for now I am going to close the requests for this site, for the time being. I'll speak to the webmiss about this site and see where it goes. I feel that this site is very neglected and unorganized.
I will complete all the graphic requests and turn them in, if there are pending requests I'll make sure to take care of those. So for now please no more requesting.
If you would like to request and canno't find a site, why not come over to my site? My site is Versahtyle so please do come and request, we're active and have many staff members to complete your requests. We're only a graphic and trailer site though, so come visit, and request!

Sunset Avenue~


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yay new layout! I finally got the time to make a new layout. I tried my best to make a pretty banner but it didn't turn out so well....but at least its a brighter layout than our last one haha. We love dark colours here @ Sunset Avenue.
The site has been updated, all pending requests has been sent to staff members. The site is doing pretty well so its all good.
There's not much to say, just wanted to say we got a new layout and the site has been updated. I KNOW the site has been neglected for some time but we're busy girls, ya know.
ANYWAYS please come and request, visit ect.

Sunset Avenue~